Weekend Champions!

May 8, 2023
   /   by 4ls

What a great weekend full of events and success for the 4LSA Team! 

Our athletes took part in three different events over the weekend: The NYUAD Aquathlon; the 6th Round of the Erth Series; and the HA Last Chance championships. 

The 4LSA athletes performed amazing in all three events, with Yassin Ahmed and Ela Camurlu in the podium of the NYUAD Aquathlon, plenty of new PB’s and great races performed by the swimmers in the Erth Series and finally… fantastic results of the 4LSA Squad Swimmers at the HA Last Chance. 

In a competiton among the strongest swimming programs of the region, the 4LSA swimmers achieved a total of 31 medals accross the different age groups! 

Special mention to the following swimmers: 

Luke Nevin Suarez: Gold in 200 Freestyle. Bronze in 100Freestyle and 100 Backstroke. 

Davide Galluzzi: Gold 100 Backstroke & 50 Freestyle. Silver in 200 Backstroke. 

Maya Fahmi: Gold in 200 Butterfly. Bronze in 400 and 200 Freestyle.

Hamza Elmarakby: Gold in 100 Breaststroke. Bronze in 200 IM and 100 Freestyle.

Youssef Hassan: Gold in 50 Backstroke. Bronze in 400 Freestyle.

Jana Elmardini: Bronze in 50 and 200 Freestyle.

Abdelrahman Metawea: Bronze in 50 and 100 Breaststroke. 

Moez Sayadi: Silver in 400 Freestyle. Bronze in 400 IM.

Roman Wood: Bronze in 100 and 200 Backstroke. 

Rana Elawady: Silver 100 Butterfly. 

Tarek Elawady: Bronze in 50 Breaststroke. 

Kareem Elmardini: Silver in 800 Freestyle. 

Francesco Galluzzi: Bronze in 50 Breaststroke. 

Dan Irfan: Silver in 50 Breaststroke. 

Ella Klohnova: Silver in 100 Butterfly.

Khadija Mohamed: Silver in 200 Backstroke. 

Ayham Ramy: Silver in 400 Freestyle. 

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