Our Story

4th Lane Swim Academy is a vision, a principle driven by enthusiastic professionals that challenge themselves restlessly, to deliver the swimming program of choice.

What we love most about what we do, is directly helping others achieve what is important for them.

We believe sport is a great school for life, we strive at impacting our members daily, and help them become successful in life through excellence in sports.

With that comes the strongest sense of responsibility in making sure we are leaving no ethical stones unturned to help them pursue their dreams.

4th Lane Swim Academy has been operating since August 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

Progressing from a small swimming program operating out of one swimming pool, we are currently trusted by Abu Dhabi´s most ambitious swimmers and have grown to become the leading program and most reputable in the city.

People are at the heart of 4th Lane Swim Academy.

No matter where a person comes from, what their background is, what level they are starting at or what level they aspire to be, we are a whole team there to support and guide every member in their development and pursuit of excellence.

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