Roger De Manresa

Roger grew up and formed himself at the CN Sabadell one of Europe’s strongest
swimming programs with more than 90 years of tradition in excellence, and 30
Olympic athletes formed in their center.

Certified by both the Catalan and Royal Spanish Swimming Federations, Roger
started his coaching career alongside great international coaches from France,
Australia and Spain.

From 2009 to 2012 the CN Sabadell squads with Roger in the coaching team,
won several regional and national championships, including the Spanish
Summer Age Group national championships 3 years in a row (females) and 2
years in a row (males).

In 2012, Roger moved to Abu Dhabi as H2O’s head coach to set up and lead
what would become one of Abu Dhabi’s strongest programs.

Since 2016, Roger leads 4th Lane Swim Academy and is committed to develop
a one of a kind program focused on the long term formation and future success
of enthusiastic and ambitious swimmers and coaches.

Since arriving to the Middle East, Roger’s swimmers have gone on to win
medals at the National Championships of Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Egypt,
Lebanon, Holland, Philippines, South Africa, and Morocco; many more have
qualified and competed at the national championships of Ireland, Australia, USA,
Spain & Finland.

Two of Roger swimmers have received full scholarships to pursue their studies in
America thanks to their skills as swimmers.

“Talent doesn’t exist. Talent is having the desire to do something. I firmly believe
that talent is the will to reach a dream. If you have that… everything else is
sweat, hard work, discipline, ambition and self believe”.