Roger De Manresa

Certified to the highest standards by the American Swimming Coaches Association, Catalan Swimming Federation and the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation; Roger holds a Gold Seal Certificate awarded by the American Swimming Coaches Association in 2019 for his international results with age groups swimmers. 

In 2012, Roger moved to Abu Dhabi as H2O’s head coach to set up and lead what would become Abu Dhabi’s strongest program at the time.

As 4LSA’s technical director and head coach, Roger has lead 4th Lane Swim Academy since 2016 which has become the program of choice for competitive swimmers, committed to developing a one of a kind program focused on the long term formation and future success of enthusiastic and ambitious swimmers and coaches.

Since his arrival to the Middle East, Roger has established a proven record of international medalists with more than 60 medals achieved in 17 different countries with swimmers claiming top positions at national age group championships of: Norway, Morocco, South-Africa, Scotland, Philippines, Finland, Spain, Holland, Lebanon, France, Egypt, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, India, United Arab Emirates and Tunisia.

“Talent doesn’t exist. Talent is having the desire to do something. I firmly believe that talent is the will to reach a dream. If you have that… everything else is sweat, hard work, discipline, ambition and self believe”.