At 4th Lane Swim Academy we look to find the best coaches from around the world and give them the opportunity grow and expand upon their knowledge whilst they are with us.

We search for coaches who have practical, hands on experience working with swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our coaches are knowledgeable are understand the importance of the 'bigger picture' of developing an athlete. Sacrificing short term gains for long term success is at the heart of our coaching philosophy.

Meet the team below to learn a little more about who they are!

Roger De Manresa

Roger grew up and formed himself at the CN Sabadell one of Europe’s strongest swimming programs...

Mike Chirvasoiu

A swimmer himself, Mike represented his home country, Romania, on several occasions...

Fabian Perera

A member of the Sri Lankan swimming national team for several years and a dedicated professional that pursued his formation after ending his sports career...