4th Lane Swim Academy was established in response to the need to improve the quality of the teaching & learning experience of the sport of swimming; as well as promoting and implementing a better transition from this level into the competitive side of the sport.

4th Lane Swim Academy and its “Long Term Athlete Development” approach focuses on the general framework of athlete development, with special reference to growth, progression, trainability and sport system alignment.

It incorporates the planning, structure, vision and approach from a number of chosen sources. It draws on the experiences of various athlete development projects that have been developed and successfully implemented by the leading coaching staff and management of 4LSA.

Our Misson

To promote the sport of swimming within the Abu Dhabi community.

To establish 4th Lane Swim Academy as the program of choice.

To help every swimmer reach their full potential.

To be professional in our approach to coaching and supporting our families and swimmers.

To provide our swimmers with opportunities to train and compete in a safe and quality environment.

To set the long term goals and aspirations of our swimmers before our own.


Our Vision is to promote the sport of swimming as well as developing responsibility and professionalism within its teaching & learning process. We strongly believe we will instil a life-long love for an active life and the sport of swimming in particular. We will provide a platform of excellence in training, team unity, character development and family support where every swimmer has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.